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How to Caulk a Bathtub (10) Easy Steps

Water will penetrate your bathroom walls and cause expensive damage to your valuable home unless you take precautions with your bathtub. You'll need to make sure that you properly caulk the tub tub to avoid that type of water disaster. Steps Examine the joint between the bathtub and the wall. Clean all old caulk, mildew and soap scum from the edge of bathtub. Be careful not to scratch surface of tub. Wipe with denatured alcohol to clean and remove any moisture from each seam. Rubbing alcohol contains oil that leaves residue (to keep from drying out your skin) and should not be used for cleaning. 2 Use caulk approved for bathroom surfaces. There are choices in color and price. It seems more silicone costs more. Silicone Calk for Kitchen and Bath has a mildew preventer built in it. 3 Apply masking tape to both sides of where you want your new caulk bead, with the edges of the tape lining up to exactly where you want the bead of caulk to stop. This is a technique that pr

7 Wall Paint Colors That Affect Your Mood!

So you're thinking of repainting your home. Well, you may not know this, but the color you choose can very well determine the mood or mindset someone will be in when they enter a particular room.  At BathArt Refinishing we are here to show you some wall paint colors that can affect your mood and what kinds of rooms would benefit or suffer based on which color you choose! We researched the top design and Women’s magazines to follow the hottest interior colors and trends then went the extra mile and researched how they can affect your mood! BathArt Refinishing #1 Refinishing Company In The Great State Of FL. 1. RED Red is known to raise a room's energy level. It is a great color for the living room or dining room because it will draw people together and start conversation. Not to mention red has been known to stimulate your appetite! It would even do well in an entryway because it creates a strong first impression. Red is not recommended in bedrooms or any other room whe

12 Bathroom Cleaning Tips That Work!

With just a little effort, your bathroom can be cleaner, fresher and brighter. We'll even show you how to get more oomph from your shower. Keep these tricks in mind the next time your bathroom needs a cleaning. Be prepared :   Have your bathroom cleaning supplies handy. In addition to a bucket filled with cleaning sprays, wipes, rubber gloves and scrub brushes, bring along a mop and the vacuum, with its crevice tool. Establish a routine :   Now's not the time to improvise. Come up with a plan for when to clean what. Not only will it prevent cleaning disasters, but once you're in a groove; it will help you get the job done faster. Look for products that let you multitask : They'll save you time and elbow grease. Take Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer, for instance. Its wide spray covers surfaces more completely and its grime-busting formula works on contact to cut through soap scum and reduce mildew stains in your shower and tub. In the time it takes for y