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Never Clean Your Bathroom Again!! Nanotechnology! BathArt Refinishing

Never Clean Your Bathroom Again!!!
What is Nanotechnology? And how does it work?
Nanotechnology – noun – Nano-science and nanotechnology are the study, application, and manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.
How does this stuff work? And how can it be used in my home?
BathArt refinishing offers our exclusive Nano protective coating for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This protective coating protects your investment and reduces cleaning by 80%. Yes reduce cleaning and protect your surface and investment all at the same time.  Our super hydrophobic coatings keep surfaces cleaner and free of humidity, mildew, water stains, mold, metal tarnish, and concrete efflorescence.
Imagine a surface that is Antimicrobial for years? Imagine controlling bacteria with science, rather than by using expensive harsh chemicals? Our exclusive “BathArt Micron S” cleaning products and coatings not only protects and cleans your surface, it will help keep you healthy and away from the Dr. visits and loss of work.  These products are great for kid’s bathrooms and living spaces, great for toilets, sinks and countertops.  The active hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties in our products not only maintain surfaces dry they self-clean and remain free of bacteria, viruses and contaminants.
Our Nano coating systems have the capacity of filling and coating the surface on an atomic level meaning all microscopic porous and crevasses will be filled and coated even on Glass!! Yes even glass.  If the bacteria or virus can’t penetrate and reach the surface it can’t live!   Reduce cleaning, time and cost, fewer man hours lost due to sickness and many more health benefits. Enjoy a long lasting surface protection that is easy to maintain and most importantly you will save time and money.  Are you tired of cleaning your Bathroom and Kitchen?  Are you tired of cleaning and maintaining those soap scum filled and covered glass shower doors? Shower doors are supposed to be clean, clear and make a bathroom space larger and more appeling to the eyes.  Let science and technology advancements do the dirty work! We have been awarded (2) patents for this ground breaking product. Let BathArt Refinishing take over your bathroom cleaning and sanitary needs. or contact us @ (407) 952-0958 our friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you in your Nano or refinishing needs.
Scientific Facts
1)      A “Micrometer” is equal to 1,ooo nanometer (nm). Fun Fact – The Human Hair is 50,000 times larger than a Nanometer.
2)      The smallest bacteria is 0.3 (um). Meaning even the smallest bacteria CAN’T penetrate our coating.
3)      Our Nano coating system is measured at 10 (nm). Sealing deeply every pore, and protecting from bacteria and contaminants.
4)      Glass surfaces also have pores. Yes the smooth glass you see and touch in your bathroom and surrounding areas also have pores and discrepancies. Our nano system will not only restore glass it will protect and seal it for years to come. Simply put Amazing! The glass surface pores are around 200 (nm). Our coating system will fill those pores and bond at the atomic level permanently!


More Money Saving Tips!!! Bathtub and Tile Refinishing

 BathArt Refinishing is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, registered with the State of Florida. Our bathtub, tile and sink refinishing service carries a 5 year warranty on materials and labor. In addition to individual residential projects, we also service multiple units such as apartments and hotels. Our services are primarily focused on bathtub, tile and sink refinishing.
Refinishing these surfaces is a long-lasting, proven process which allows for the restoration of a beautiful surface without the cost of replacement. This process can be used on tubs, sinks, various types of countertops and most tile surfaces, including shower and tub surrounds and extend the life of these surfaces for an additional 15-20 years, with proper care.
 In addition to standard finishes and colors, additional stone and marble finishes are available, as well as a wide variety of colors for the client to choose from.
 BathArt Artist have been trained by our training department in the professionalism of bathtub refinishing and repair. Our artists pay close attention to detail and only use the best equipment and materials in the industry. We stand prideful next to our work and truly leave your desired area looking like a work of Art!!
 BathArt may not be the cheapest but then the cheapest refinishers may use low quality products with poor preparation work that will only last a short time. Those refinishers know what their jobs are worth and offer flaky warranties. However we are fair priced and only use the best equipment and materials to ensure 100% customer satisfaction backed by a no gimmicks 5 year warranty. We've seen it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We'll do a high quality job for a fair price. After all, isn't that what we're all looking for when hiring a company to do work for us in our respected home?  We stand by our service and professional artist who are all trained by our training department to provide the highest quality service focused on attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
 *The BathArt Refinishing Price Match and Blowout Guarantee: (Available to ALL Customers).
 This is to ensure that we give you the best service for the best possible price. We are very comfortable with our research of our "Competition" and their pricing! We are familiar with their methods of application, pricing, and material used. We will offer our Price Match Guarantee - Beating any Licensed Refinishers Price!!!!
So if you're being told you have been quoted the best price in town think again.  Here at BathArt Refinishing we offer you the finest products, best equipment, fastest and most reliable service and a warm friendly knowledgeable staff.  At truly The Best Price in Town!
 1) Estimate must be given by a Florida Registered Licensed Refinisher carrying a D-12 Synthetic Products License that can be verified, and carrying a state approved insurance for damages and employees.  Registered companies in the Great State of Florida can be verified at a print out of the respected company can be obtained on this website.
2) Written Warranty: Only a reputable and professional company will offer a no gimmicks written warranty.  We stand by our products and service and offer an industry leading 5 year warranty on products and service performed.  We hind nothing from our customers and have no hidden fees or unnecessary trip fees, the only time we expect to hear back from our customers is when they are ready to refinish another project.  Our written warranty can be found and pre-approved by our customers @ For the World to See!  At the completion of each project a report will be given with the written warranty attached for easy filing.  BathArt Refinishing will beat any competitors price simply ask them for a printable copy and assure the respected company is offing a 5 year warranty, they will have no issue releasing this form in order to gain your business, if they can offer a no gimmicks 5 year warranty, and are Registered, licensed and insured in the state of Florida then we want to offer you The BathArt Refinishing Price Match and Blowout Guarantee!
BathArt Refinishing will not compete with or prices match any Unregistered or Unlicensed contractor. They do not have access to the proper materials and their workers are most likely not covered by workers compensation. Just because a company is on the internet does not mean they are Registered with the State or Licensed!
 We want your business and our goal is to save you money! Please contact us and let's discuss some bathroom color ideas and your best money saving options.  We look forward to hearing from you Thank you for visiting!
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  1. Hey very nice information about nanotechnology. Bathroom cleaning is very hectic for me. I always do bath remodelling. I done bathtub refinishing. Thanks for sharing different information.


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