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Bathtub and Countertop Refinishing Training Programs - BathArt Refinishing

Bathtub & Countertop Refinishing Training Programs BathArt Refinishing is proud to offer the #1 rated comprehensive and hands on training available in the bathroom refinishing industry. Don't be fooled, tricked or even ripped off by expensive workshop or in house training programs that simply have you walk around a clawfoot tub with 8-10 other “Students” learning unrealistic techniques and scenarios.  Worst of all after training your left in the dark with a costly list of products and tools needed to be purchased.   Here at BathArt Refinishing We decided to develop a training program that is now ranked as the #1 training program in the Nation.  Our programs provided you with not only the techniques and refinishing skills we also provided you with absolutely everything you need to get started.  No shopping list or upsale programs here.  Once training is complete you will have every tool necessary to launch your own refinishing company or add refinishing to your a

Nanotechnology Means Self-Cleaning Cars! BathArt LLC

Drop the chamois cloth - Nanotechnology means self-cleaning cars! Not many people would confuse a sporty Nissan with a commercial cement truck, but the two vehicles could have something in common. Nano-coating that prevents water, dirt, fine oils, and even wet concrete from sticking to the car’s surface. This new self-cleaning superhydrophobic technology may not entirely eliminate trips to the car wash, but it will reduce cleaning by 70%, meaning your car stays cleaner longer!  BathArt LLC Nanotechnology coatings eliminate fingerprints, and dirt build-up, our titanium based products eat away at dirt, grime and contaminants caused by rain, and road fod.  Coat and protect your rims eliminating brake dust build up and hard to clean grime.  Our coatings extend the life of your paint and maintain a clean and glass coat finish to any vehicle.  Eliminate hard water stains caused by rain and literally watch your vehicle self-clean after a afternoon rain shower.  Our coatings self clea

#1 Shower Glass Door Cleaner & Protectant Eliminate Soap Scum, Mildew, water spots, Nanotechnology self-cleaning glass

Are you sick and tired of cleaning your shower glass doors ?  Imagine if you could simply coat your shower glass doors and completely eliminate soap scum, mildew, hard water stains, harsh and deep cleaning, and the use of harmful damaging chemicals? Introducing BathArt’s Nanotechnology Self-Cleaning Shower Glass Door Coatings.  With simply one (1) application reduce cleaning by 70% and completely eliminate hard to clean soap scum, mildew, and hard water stains.   Benefit from a lifetime of brilliant crystal clear shower glass doors.  Rejuvenate old, worn, stained and dirty looking shower glass doors back to their original look. No more annoying squeegees! virtually eliminate water spots (Florida Hard Water Stains), soap scum, fingerprint staining, dust accumulation, and best of all germs and bacteria. All of our products are Green! Eco friendly and best of all inexpensive!! We currently have our Valentine Day Shower Glass Special - Basic Shower Glass Door E

Don't Replace it! Refinish it with Glass Coat! Why Refinish Your Bathtub or Tile. New Nanotechnology Protective Cleaning Services

Don’t Replace it! Refinish it with Glass Coat! It’s financially worthwhile to refinish your tub versus paying for bathtub replacement or liner.  The difficulty with liners is that moisture becomes trapped in between the surface of the tub and the liner itself. This can lead to mildew, rust and mold, all of which weakens your bathtub. Bathtub Refinishing is clearly the best option for your bathtub! It will save you thousands of dollars and time. Replacing can take days sometimes weeks of messy, dirty, loud and expensive construction level work.  BathArt Refinishing artist’s, have the ability to reglaze your existing bathtubs or tiles and return those surfaces back to their original look. Our exclusive glass coat strengthens the surface extending the life by 30 years and reducing cleaning by 10%.  It’s clearly a no brainer. Don’t replace it! Reglaze it! The most return on a remodeling investment has been proven to be in the Bathroom and Kitchen. Most of the investment

Self-Cleaning Shower Glass Doors| BathArt LLC Nanotechnology Coatings| Refinishing Bathtub Tips.

Do you hate to clean your shower doors ?  Tired of filthy soap scum build-up on your shower glass doors?? Do you Love the look of frameless shower doors but are afraid that they will be too much work to keep clean? Fear not!   Introducing BathArt’s exclusive Self Cleaning Shower Glass Door Nano Coatings. Imagine never having to deep clean your shower glass doors again. Completely eliminate hard to clean soap scum, hard water satins, and finger prints for years!!!  Benefit from years of sparkling clean flawless shower glass doors, save time on daily cleaning and save money on harsh expensive cleaning products. BathArt LLC is proud to introduce our home cleaning products and services.  Our super hydrophobic and antimicrobial nanotechnology glass coatings are formulated to facelift and return shower glass doors back to their original look.  Once the shower glass doors have been cleaned, buffed and prepped for nano application our exclusive nanotechnolog