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Nanotechnology Means Self-Cleaning Cars! BathArt LLC

Drop the chamois cloth - Nanotechnology means self-cleaning cars! Not many people would confuse a sporty Nissan with a commercial cement truck, but the two vehicles could have something in common. Nano-coating that prevents water, dirt, fine oils, and even wet concrete from sticking to the car’s surface. This new self-cleaning superhydrophobic technology may not entirely eliminate trips to the car wash, but it will reduce cleaning by 70%, meaning your car stays cleaner longer!  BathArt LLC Nanotechnology coatings eliminate fingerprints, and dirt build-up, our titanium based products eat away at dirt, grime and contaminants caused by rain, and road fod.  Coat and protect your rims eliminating brake dust build up and hard to clean grime.  Our coatings extend the life of your paint and maintain a clean and glass coat finish to any vehicle.  Eliminate hard water stains caused by rain and literally watch your vehicle self-clean after a afternoon rain shower.  Our coatings self clea