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The secret to cleaning tile and grout

The Secret to Cleaning Grout in Tile Floors Here at BathArt Refinishing we are truly committed to not only saving you money by providing the highest quality service bathtub and tile refinishing has to offer, but we are always looking for ways to save you TIME!!! Yes time is money and in order to save money we need to find ways to save time!  I’m going to let you guys in on a cleaning Secret!!!! The Secret to Cleaning Grout in tile floors….. It took me years to discover how to clean tile floors in a way that was easy and that didn't harm my family, pets and the colored grout. I finally settled on using powdered oxygen bleach. Little did I know that this choice would put me way ahead of the current green movement. Oxygen bleach is nontoxic, doesn't produce harsh fumes, and is color- and fabric-safe. It removes all food and grease stains with no or minimal scrubbing. The oxygen ions attack the stain molecules, breaking them into pieces that rinse away with little effort. To c