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Nanotechnology Coatings For Vehicles

Sunlight Reactive Pro For Vehicles NEW Product from BathArt LLC Sunlight Reactive is a photo-reactive nanotechnology coating that is used on a vehicle’s painted surfaces. It keeps car paint stronger and more brilliant, adding a long-lasting shine. It makes it harder to scratch and reduces micro-abrasions. Our Sunlight Reactive product breaks down hydrocarbons, dirt, organic matter, and other contaminants thanks to its photo-catalytic properties. The painted surfaces becomes hydrophilic, therefore water just sheets off the treated paint. Sunlight Reactive will not chip, crack, stain, pit or discolor the painted surfaces. The painted surfaces becomes much easier to maintain. With just a rinse, the car looks clean from dust and other organic contaminants. Used on Cars, Buses and RVs. BathArt LLC. offers the best in nanotechnology coatings for the automotive industry. Our products offer peace of mi

Bathroom Refinishing Expert Tip of The Day

      The BathArt Refinishing Expert Tip Of The Day       How to maintain soap scum free shower curtains Are you sick and tired of changing out your shower liner or curtains every few weeks??Here at BathArt Refinishing we are dedicated to saving our customers time and money! here are some tips to maintaining a soap scum free liner. Soap scum, along with mold and mildew, can render a shower curtain revolting in no time. If you have a shower curtain rather than a door, you will probably have to deal with this problem sooner or later. Once you learn the causes of soap scum, you can learn clean it and prevent soap scum buildup. The techniques equally well on both plastic and vinyl curtains.  Soap scum is caused by hard water, bar soap, and ineffective rinsing of the shower area after use. Step 1 - Hard Water and What to Do About It Hard water can be spotted by looking for mineral deposits around taps and faucets. Water softening is no longer recommended, as it damages