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BathArt's Bathroom Refinishing Tip Of The Day - How To Clean A Refinished Bathtub

BathArt’s Bathroom Refinishing Tip Of The Day How to Maintain and clean a refinished bathtub? The truth is that a properly refinished bathtub will last a minimum of 20 years with proper care and maintenance.  What does a properly refinished bathtub mean?? That's a bathtub that has been professionally refinished by a company certified and trained in the professionalism of bathroom and kitchen refinishing.  Here at BathArt we truly believe a bathtub that has been acid washed, cleaned and sanded prior to primer application and then followed by at least 3 solid polyurethane coats will last longer then a new hardware store fabricated bathtub. Here at BathArt Refinishing we educate all our customers on the proper care and maintenance suggestions for cleaning and caring for a refinished bathtub.  Here are a few tips and bullet points we recommend you use when cleaning a refinished or even bare bathtub unit. First never, ever use any sort of abrasive chemicals, they only