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Bathroom Refinishing Cleaning Tip of The Day - Cleaning Chrome Fixtures With Lemons

Cleaning and maintaining chrome fixtures in the bathroom area can become a real task, and by far the bathroom is one of the least desired spaces to clean in the home, however, once clean there is a huge satisfaction that comes with having a clean and hygienic bathroom.   Here at BathArt Refinishing not only are we committed to providing the finest refinishing products and solutions to the residential and commercial bathroom and kitchen refinishing industry, we are also dedicated to helping our customers and future customers with cleaning tips and hacks to help maintain a healthy and clean environment in our commercial and private bathroom spaces. Let's get right into the cleaning hacks! Question? Have you guys ever heard of cleaning chrome fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen with lemons? I’m tickled over this newest trick using lemon to shine up the chrome in your bathroom and kitchen.  You know that yucky buildup that Florida hard water leaves on fixtures unless th

Should I Refinish My Cast Iron Bathtub?

BathArt Refinishing , Orlando’s leading bathroom and, kitchen refinishing company was recently attending The AAGO trade show one of our most asked questions is, If a porcelain, cast iron, or fiberglass bathtub is worth refinishing or replacing. The cost-effectiveness of refinishing versus replacement does not even come close, after the cost of tub removal, dumping, and the cost of the new tub itself, as well as installation. This is especially true for " period tubs ", like old claw-foot and cast iron bathtubs. For example, BathArt Refinishing lists $289.00 as their standard price for refinishing a bathtub, whereas vintage-style claw-foot tubs are generally listed in the high $900's to the thousands, and the standard price for replacing and reinstalling a new bathtub is $3,500 in the Central Florida area. The process of refinishing a bathtub is a lot like auto-body work. Uneven or damaged surfaces are etched, then primed, then sp