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Should I Refinish My Cast Iron Bathtub?

BathArt Refinishing, Orlando’s leading bathroom and, kitchen refinishing company was recently attending The AAGO trade show one of our most asked questions is, If a porcelain, cast iron, or fiberglass bathtub is worth refinishing or replacing.

The cost-effectiveness of refinishing versus replacement does not even come close, after the cost of tub removal, dumping, and the cost of the new tub itself, as well as installation. This is especially true for "period tubs", like old claw-foot and cast iron bathtubs. For example, BathArt Refinishing lists $289.00 as their standard price for refinishing a bathtub, whereas vintage-style claw-foot tubs are generally listed in the high $900's to the thousands, and the standard price for replacing and reinstalling a new bathtub is $3,500 in the Central Florida area.

The process of refinishing a bathtub is a lot like auto-body work. Uneven or damaged surfaces are etched, then primed, then sprayed using a professional grade HVLP system with a special enamel. Sometimes the entire tub needs to be refinished, and sometimes just a portion of the tub needs to be refinished. It costs less to refinish just a portion of the bathtub. In some cases, the bathtub refinishing professional only needs to clean the tub in order to restore it to its former glory.
Professional refinishing: The best option for refinishing your bathtub is to hire a professional to refinish it. As I said, refinishing a tub is a lot like auto-body work. The margin for error is high, and the chemicals used in the process must be properly contained and ventilated. Refinishing your bathtub is not an unskilled, easy DIY job. Considering that it really doesn't cost that much, hiring skilled refinishing company who specializes in this kind of work could cost you less in time and money in the long run than doing it yourself.
DIY Tub and Tile Refinishing: If you must, and I don't recommend it, DIY tub and tile refinishing kits exist, and can be found at your local home improvement store. Let the buyer beware: Though these kits can offer quick aesthetic improvements, in the long run their users have some serious complaints, including peeling and wearing off of the finish.
At BathArt Refinishing - all of our projects come complete with our industry leading 7 Year Warranty, protecting the refinished surface from chipping, peeling and discoloration.
Let's wrap this up: The bottom line with bathtub refinishing is it is generally more cost efficient to refinish or reglaze your bathtub or tile surround rather than to replace the tub or to do it yourself.
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It’s financially worthwhile to refinish your tub versus paying for bathtub replacement or liner.  The difficulty with liners is that moisture becomes trapped in between the surface of the tub and the liner itself. This can lead to mildew, rust and mold, all of which weakens your bathtub.
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