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Nanotechnology Coatings For Vehicles 

Sunlight Reactive Pro For Vehicles

NEW Product from BathArt LLC

Sunlight Reactive is a photo-reactive nanotechnology coating 
that is used on a vehicle’s painted surfaces. It keeps car paint stronger and more brilliant, adding a long-lasting shine. It makes it harder to scratch and reduces micro-abrasions. 
Our Sunlight Reactive product breaks down hydrocarbons, dirt, organic 
matter, and other contaminants thanks to its photo-catalytic properties. The painted surfaces becomes 
hydrophilic, therefore water just sheets off the treated paint. Sunlight Reactive will not chip, crack, stain, pit or discolor the painted surfaces. The painted surfaces becomes much easier to maintain. With just a rinse, the car looks clean from dust and other organic contaminants. Used on Cars, Buses and RVs. 
BathArt LLC. offers the best in nanotechnology coatings for the automotive industry. Our 
products offer peace of mind and protection for your investment. Your vehicle’s 
surfaces will be harder, smoother, and longer lasting, as well as much easier to maintain.

Sunlight Reactive main features:page1image14288  page1image14448
  • Cures itself deep into the paint and factory clear coat, creating a permanent, impenetrable barrier against harmful elements. 
  • It is not a polish or wax. 
  • Neutralizes germs through a photo-catalyst reaction. 
  • Adds durability and increases hardness rating of the surface. 
  • Decomposes hydrocarbons, supporting self-cleaning. 
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 
  • Easy, safe application. 
  • May also be used on steel and aluminum rims for relieving brake dust 
  • Also great on all car window. 
    Application Procedures 
    1.Use the BASR Cheesecake clay bar along with the Blue Wash or California Car Wash to remove any oils and dirt. 
  1. Additionally, it is recommended that the Monster is used on all plastic, rubber, leather, and vinyl to restore sun damage and maintain shine. 
  2. Apply the Sunlight Reactive coating using a microfiber applicator pad in a circular motion, ensuring complete coverage. Do not over apply. A second coat may be used if desired. 
4.Buff off residual material.

Cleaner longer, more brilliant, scratch resistant and easy to maintain.... The very best in science.


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