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Nanotechnology Coatings for Glass

Nanotechnology Coatings For Glass - Orlando 

Nanotechnology - Self-Cleaning Shower Glass Doors - Florida's #1 Nano Coatings Company - - (800) 206-5958

Do you hate to clean your shower doors

Tired of filthy soap scum build-up on your shower glass doors??

Do you Love the look of frameless shower doors but are afraid that they will be too much work to keep clean? Fear not! 

Introducing BathArt’s exclusive Self Cleaning Shower Glass DoorNano Coatings.
Imagine never having to deep clean your shower glass doors again. Completely eliminate hard to clean soap scum, hard water satins, and finger prints for years!!!  Benefit from years of sparkling clean flawless shower glass doors, save time on daily cleaning and save money on harsh expensive cleaning products.
BathArt LLC is proud to introduce our home cleaning products and services.  Our super hydrophobic and antimicrobial nanotechnology glass coatings are formulated to facelift and return shower glass doors back to their original look.  Once the shower glass doors have been cleaned, buffed and prepped for nano application our exclusive nanotechnology rejuvenation cream will be applied returning the area back to its original brilliant look. The glass is then coated with our super hydrophobic titanium based nano coating, shielding and protecting the glass for years to come.

Our nano coatings will shield your respected surface and completely eliminate the build up of bacteria, germs, finger prints, soap scum, and hard water stains.  Finally enjoy those gorgeous shower glass doors, and save time and money for years to come.  Completely eliminate the need for hard cleaning and reduce regular cleaning by 80%.

BathArt’s exclusive Nano coatings uses science not harsh chemicals to clean and maintain your spaces.  Our Titanium DioxideNanotechnology Coatings breakdown organic matter eliminating bacteria and soap scum build up.  The super hydrophobic properties in our coatings won’t allow the build up of water droplets creating hard to clean water stains.  Our coatings will sheet the water off of the glass using the water itself to help clean the surface protected (Lotus Affect) Please refer to our website - or call us @ (800) 206-5958 - - (800) 206-5958
Nanotechnology Coatings - (800) 206-5958 x 2


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