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Titanium Dioxide Nanotechnology Coatings for storefront glass and Commercial Establishments.

Titanium Dioxide Nanotechnology Coatings for storefront glass and Commercial Establishments.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What part of your store do customers see first? And the most? Your glass entrance doors. Of all the glass in storefronts and buildings, what takes the most abuse? Your glass entrance doors. With the daily deliveries, keys, rings and purses, graffiti, fingerprints and daily wear and tear, you will want to protect that first impression with Tio2 nano coatings By: GlassArt
Are exclusive titanium dioxide coatings makes glass surfaces (ie. windows, storefront, glass walls, splashbacks, entrance doors) impact and scratch resistant and easier to clean, Tio2 coatings can help your buildings perform better and maintain their original beauty longer.
Protecting the glass with titanium dioxide ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs and frequency of cleanings. Our coatings will also enhance the appearance of your storefront, entrance door or entire building.
Do You Want To Restore Your Damaged Glass to Like New Appearance?
Our GlassArt Nano team can bring your windows back to their original beauty our Tio2 protective coating and restoration services. 
Our exclusive Titanium dioxide infused Nano hydrophobic coating protects your building investment which can result in:
1)Protection From Water, Scratching and Other Environmental Damage.
2) Less Frequent and Easier Cleaning
No Need for Harsh Chemical Cleaners.
3) Prevents Post Construction Damage.
4) The Benefits of a Beautiful Building
Protect your first impression, enhance your property aesthetics and value, and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and even replacement costs by adding titanium dioxide infused nanotechnology coatings to your building or storefront.
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