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Bathtub Refinishing Training Programs Orlando, Florida

BathArt Refinishing Is Now Offering Bathtub & Countertop Refinishing Training Programs:

BathArt Refinishing is proud to offer the #1 rated comprehensive and hands on training available in the bathroom refinishing industry. Don’t be fooled, tricked or even ripped off by expensive workshop or in house training programs that simply have you walk around a clawfoot tub with 8-10 other “Students” learning unrealistic techniques and scenarios. Worst of all after training your left in the dark with a costly list of products and tools needed to be purchased.

Here at BathArt Refinishing We decided to develop a training program that is now ranked as the #1 training program in the Nation. Our programs provided you with not only the techniques and refinishing skills we also provided you with absolutely everything you need to get started.
No shopping list or upsale programs here. Once training is complete you will have every tool necessary to launch your own refinishing company or add refinishing to your already established business. We are currently the only company offering these exclusive training programs featuring our exclusive glass coat refinishing products and nanotechnology cleaning products.

Each program digital or hands on OJT comes complete with full equipment order and first full order of multi spec for counter tops and top coats and primer for bathtubs, sinks and tiles.
BathArt Refinishing Training:
Onsite Training Programs:
1) No Travel Fees
2) Training can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Increasing the value of your home on projects performed
3) Training can be performed on paying projects. Many of our training programs are performed on pre-set working appointments meaning all that training is done on prospective projects (paying jobs) Earn while you Learn!.
4) World Class One on One training. No other training program comes close. You will know how to refinish by the end of our program and that a Guarantee!

Equipment and Products

HVLP spray gun kit, safety equipment and basic tools including your first full order of products will be shipped prior to training.
Day one of training will kick off with a trip to your local hardware store where all miscellaneous items will be purchased using our BathArt credit card. This is a great feature only offered by BathArt Refinishing, during this trip you will receive inside professional secrets on money saving shopping and creative professional refinishing insights. this is truly one of the most specialized and informative portions to our training programs.
Training programs focus on Multi-Spec Counter top training followed by bathtub and tile refinishing. We offer continuous training and project phone assistance after training along with a full catalog of refinishing products and tools. Our glass coat products offer customers a 5-7 year warranty unheard of in the refinishing industry. We also offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty and stand by our distributors and technicians using our training and chemical products. CONTACT US @ (800) 206-5958

Nanotechnology Business Opportunities

BathArt LLC is interested in developing strategic alliances and partnerships with already established companies and startup businesses. We truly believe our Nanotechnology products and services can take any company to the next level. We are very interested and excited to discuss our programs with entrepreneur minds looking to take their respected company and services to the next level.Nanotechnology is the basis for the next industrial revolution. Nanotechnology is now everywhere, in our clothing, cars, windows, computers and displays, even in our cosmetics and medicine. Nanotechnology has proven to be a platform to take companies like Nissan to the next level, offering self-cleaning cars and changing the market worth billions of dollars annually.Here are just a few examples of industries we have helped reach market breakthroughs:
  • Professional Building Cleaning interior and exterior
  • Car Wash Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Health Care
  • Hotels
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Transportation –Taxis, Buses
  • Schools, Day Care facilities Applicators:
Nanotechnology is a fantastic income opportunity. Our dealers enjoy application and sales training, marketing support, website assistance, and technical support. Benefits also include the possibility for product and territorial exclusivity. The investment is modest and you receive a combination of inventory, equipment, and a full training program. Send us an email and tell us your story. Tell us about your location, industry and describe your dream. Be the first in your area! Contact us today via email or at (800) 206-5958.


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